Intelisoles are a new technology coming to the wearable devices market. The microtechnology found within the Intelisoles will provide users with valuable biofeedback to aide in an endless number of daily activities.

Applicable Markets

The cutting edge technology withing the Intelisoles allow for seamless integrations into a variety of application platforms (iOS/Android/Windows/Linux) and into various markets by providing real time feedback and insight into human movement.

How it works

The Intelisoles provide real time data on force production and position of the feet.  These sensors can record movement and pressure of virtually any human movement.  If your feet are involved you can record, track, display, or play whatever your imagination can think up. 

Once the Intelisoles are equipped and syncyed with an Ipad you may begin using the Intelisoles to capture data while walking or running.... or record your moves when skating, or get alignment feed back while squatting at the gym, or gain pressure information while racing a car, or use as a input device to play video games, or in clinical settings to do gait analysis and biofeedback training, or learn Yoga via a virtual trainer application that displays movements on a TV and records/assesses movement patterns and balance.   The possibilities are endless!

But our personal passion is to bring this technology into the medical markets to help improve the lives of individuals who suffer from a wide range of ailments and disabilities.  The Intelisoles can provide haptic feedback for those suffering from neuropathy or who are at risk for falls.  We can monitor the elderly in their homes in a non obtrusive way.  We can provide visual/haptic/auditory biofeedback to patients suffering from mobility impairments such as Parkinsons, Cerebral Palsy, Sarcopenia, Drop Foot, Neuropathy, Amputees, and more.

Additional Features

Synchronize the Intelisoles with an Ipad/Iphone then use the AirPlay Mirroring function on Ipad to display images wirelessly to a large visual feedback display.  This feedback is essential whether you are using the Intelisoles for therapy, sports performance training, or gaming. 


Improve balance and gait therapy with real time feedback.

Sports Performance

Measure and assess your golf sway at home or on the course.


Play an entire soccer game from the comfort of your living room.

Allow patients who suffer from motor impairments to increase their functional outcomes by providing them with visual/haptic/auditory biofeedback mechanisms.  As they walk on a treadmill the Intelisoles software can project a real time display of their gait pattern via any HDMI projector or on a HDTV.  Pair this with a virtual gaming software and now you have a fun and motivating way to encourage patients to gait train, all while providing real time biofeedback visually and physically.

Imagine playing your favorite video game using your lower body to run, jump and dodge oncoming danger. Take your virtual gaming experience to the next level.

Jog with proper form by setting an audible beep on your iPhone when you have too much heel strike occuring, or simply track your  steps, distance, stride length and speed.         


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