Medical Industry: Intellisoles are the first devices that will enable practitioners to do both gait and balance assessment in one simple solution.  The system is ultra portable and extremely intuitive to use.  The Intellisoles allow for testing of static or dynamic balance and gait under virtually any situation (mCTSIB, TUG, LOS, Sit-to-Stand, and more).

Biofeedback Device:  The Intellisoles will enable those with a loss of senses such as Neuropathy to regain real time biofeedback to help improve physical capbilities and senses.  In addition individuals with motor skill impairments will gain various feedback mechanisms to help improve their gait and balance skills.

Sports Performance:  Gain insight into an athletes training such as running patterns, weight distribution during squats, and help to improve performance through repitition.  The Intellisoles will enable athletes, coaches and sports enthusiasts to obtain real time feedback regarding speed, pressure distribution and forces.

Gaming Device:  The Intellisoles can be integrated into various gaming systems taking gaming to another level by incorporating lower body movement into the action.  Turn gaming into a physcial activity that can truly benefit the user.  Users can run, jump and dodge coming danger to enhance gaming experience.

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